Ex Display Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2 Lowline Driveaway Awning

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Ex Display Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2 Driveaway Awning has been pitched for approximately 15/16 weeks.

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Ex Display Outdoor Revolution Movelite T2 Driveaway Awning 2020

The connection height of this awning is 180cm to 220cm and awning beading width is 250cm, it is therefore only suitable for vehicles with a connection at this height. If you purchase this awning and it doesn’t fit your van, we cannot accept a return on this awning so please double check the measurements of your van/motorhome.

This tent has been pitched in all weather from the 21/05/20 and was taken down on the 15/09/20 (it has been up for approximately 15/16 weeks from the listings start, pictures taken 01/09/20). Any further questions, please contact us and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight weakens the material, which fades and becomes brittle. This is called UV Degradation. This tent is not covered under warranty.

Please note that is a display tent and thus will have some marks/dirt as it has been displayed outside. We would recommend using Nikwax Tech Wash or Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarwash to clean the tent of dirt once you use it for the first time to clean the material and give some extra protection from the UV from the Sun.

It comes complete with the pump, 8m driveaway straps, 6mm to 6mm driveaway kit, roof tension pole, side canopy pole, pegs and carry bag.
Also we are unable to accept returns for display items due to the nature of product and they sold as seen.
This awning was on display in our Devon store.
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