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Sluban bricks

Sluban bricks are something we think is going to catch on fast!

Sluban is a new brand of building blocks that are compatible with other well-known brick brands – but way cooler! Sluban bricks are approximately 60% cheaper than other building blocks. They are made of high quality materials and all products are CE, ROHS and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Jake had a go at building the Sluban Army Soldier – here’s how he got on!

The Sluban Fire Engine is the perfect gift for the kids, whether for a birthday or Christmas, they’ll have hours of fun. The Sluban sets are compatible with other well-known brick brands so you can mix and match sets to make your own designs.

Jake shows you how this one goes together! 

Bricks have been part of children’s play for a long time. But there’s still no other toy that compares in promoting all areas of children’s development. Any early childhood teacher can easily identify all the areas block play develops including fine motor, social, language and cognitive skills.

As children experiment by stacking, balancing, or building with blocks, they need to share, respect other children’s constructions, ask for desired blocks and describe what they are creating. Perhaps more importantly, children develop problem solving skills, creativity and imagination in creating their masterpieces. 

Take a look at our full range of Sluban bricks here

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