Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements Proshield Caravan Awning

Our Price £1,139.99

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with the Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements ProShield Caravan Awning.

Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements ProShield Caravan Awning: Unwind in Spacious Luxury with Effortless Inflation

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and convenience with the Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements ProShield Caravan Awning. This expansive inflatable awning boasts a whopping 390cm of additional living space, perfect for large families or groups seeking a luxurious and hassle-free home base on their caravanning adventures.

Effortless Pitching for Unrivaled Relaxation:

  • Inflation Made Simple: Leave the complexities of poles and traditional setups behind. The Balletto Air 390 features Vango’s revolutionary AirBeam® technology. This ingenious system boasts a single inflation point, allowing you to inflate the entire awning from one central Airspeed valve. Watch your awning rise in minutes, freeing up valuable time for enjoying your holiday and creating lasting memories.
  • Swift Deflation: When it’s time to pack up and move on to your next campsite, multiple deflation points ensure a quick and efficient takedown, making departure a breeze.

Built for All-Weather Performance:

  • Elements ProShield Fabric: Withstand the elements with confidence. The ProShield fabric is crafted from robust 300D polyester and features a PU coating, delivering exceptional waterproofing and UV resistance. Season after season, this awning provides a secure and comfortable sanctuary for your caravan.
  • ColourLok Technology: No more worrying about faded colours! The ProShield fabric incorporates ColourLok technology, specifically designed to retain the awning’s vibrant colours for longer, even under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Spacious Living Meets Practical Features:

  • Unmatched Space: The Balletto Air 390 offers a sprawling 390cm width, a generous 190cm height, and a comfortable 250cm depth. This expansive area provides ample room for relaxing, dining, sleeping additional guests, or storing extra gear, making it ideal for larger groups or families.
  • Diamond Clear Views: Expansive Diamond Clear windows on the front and side panels bathe the awning in natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Zip-up curtains provide privacy and shade whenever needed.
  • Draught Seal System: Vango’s innovative Draught Seal System eliminates the need for poles, creating a secure and weatherproof connection between your awning and caravan.
  • Convenience Built-In: The awning comes equipped with a draught skirt and wheel arch covers for enhanced weather protection. Additionally, storm straps and skyhooks are included for added stability in windy conditions.

The Vango Balletto Air 390 Elements ProShield Caravan Awning is the ultimate choice for discerning campers who demand effortless pitching, exceptional space, and top-notch weatherproofing. With its innovative features and luxurious design, this awning transforms your caravan into a spacious and relaxing retreat for unforgettable adventures.

Flexi Door – Adjust to be fully or half open, or completely removed for maximum flexibility whatever the weather

Split Access Door – The 60/40 split of the side door allows you to roll a section away for quick entry. This door also features a secondary mesh door for added ventilation

Zipped Privacy Curtains – Simple and quick to use, zip curtains allow varying levels of opening or simply roll down and secure away

Easy Access Doors – A flat entry access door creates easy access for wheelchairs, prams and people with reduced mobility

Bracer Beams Included – Small AirBeams secured in between main AirBeam structure for enhanced stability

PVC Mud Strip – Positioned around base of awning for easy cleaning

Diamond Pro Windows – 67% thicker than our Diamond Clear windows, they provide additional insulation and clearer views

Fully Wind and Rain Tested – Tested with wind and heavy rainfall to the European standard EN5912

Steel Rock Pegs Included -Pegs are strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain. Supplied with a handy carry bag

Adjustable Pegging Points – Allows awning to be pitched perfectly on uneven surfaces

Optional Annex Available – Perfect for extra storage or clip in the included bedroom for an added sleeping area

SkyTrack II – A flexible hanging system which allows you to easily attach lighting, storage or SkyLiners. The SkyTrack system allows you to customise your awning to suit your needs (Sky Hooks included)

Supplied with Pack of 10 Sky Hooks – Simply slide on to the SkyTrack System to hang storage or lights

Reflective Webbing Straps – Additional stability for your awning in strong winds. Simply clip onto the pre-attached buckles and peg into the ground to secure. The reflective straps pick up torchlight so the pegging points are easily spotted in low light conditions

Multi-Privacy Zip Curtains – Simple and easy to use, creating soft lines and various options of opening

Additions Available – Mesh Door Pack

AirBeam S.I Pro – Single Point Inflation – With 10 years experience of AirBeam development and testing, Vango introduces single point inflation, a new and revolutionary feature for quick and easy inflation through the AirSpeed S.I Pro valve. Our unique system ensures pitch time is minimised while the multiple AirSpeed valves help with simple deflation. The added feature of self-isolated AirBeams ensures that in the unlikely event of a puncture, the structure remains strong and functional. Patented GB2595865

SuperBeams – Larger diameter beams providing additional structure and stability to the awning

Elements ProShield – Robust, durable and waterproof. 300D fabric with an HH rating of 6,000MM. Benefits from ColourLok technology to aid colour retention.

Draught Seal System – Creates a tight seal between the awning and caravan, without the need for poles, ensuring no draughts come in. Patented GB2574036

SkyLiners Included – Reduces the effects of condensation and provides a thermal barrier in cold weather

Draught Skirt and Two Wheel Arch Covers Included – Reduce draughts from coming in under the caravan into the awning

Two Carry Bags – For easier storage, transport and packing we have split this awning into two bags, one for the main structure of the awning and one for all the included extras such as Draught Skirt, Wheel Arch Covers, Pegs, Pump, Storm Straps, Bracer Beams*(*Model Specific)

AirBeam Pump – Supplied with all AirBeam tents and awnings, our ergonomically designed pump allows you to effortlessly inflate your AirBeam product. Comes complete with a pressure dial and handy carry bag

Weight – 30.05kg
Length – 250.0cm
Height – 192.0cm
Width – 390.0cm
Pitching Time – 15mins
Kador Length – 390cm
Kador Height – 235-250cm
Fabric – Elements P
Hand Pump Inflate Time – 2mins
Turbo Pump Inflate Time – 5mins
Pack size – L93.0 x H46.0 x W40.0cm
Bag 1 Weight – 15.2kg
Bag 2 Weight – 14.9kg
Bag 2 Packed Length – 93.0cm
Bag 2 Packed Height – 33.0cm
Bag 2 Packed Width – 37.0cm
Rail Weight – 22.0kg


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