Outwell Darlington Flat Woven Carpet

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Outwell Darlington flat woven Carpet

Outwell padded carpets deliver sumptuous comfort in different sizes customised to fit most tents. A luxurious feel is achieved by using a generous layer of insulation sandwiched between a waterproof base and soft fleece surface.


Outwell Darlington Flat woven Carpet

Outwell wall to wall carpets are made from a soft 100% polyester flannel to provide your tent with the ultimate home away from home feeling. The Outwell carpet also adds insulation to your living room from the cold ground and makes your tent even more warm and comfortable for a trouble free camping trip. The carpet comes with a heavy PVC backing for easy cleaning.


  • Designed to cover wall-to-wall.
  • Durable and soft lylex polyester finish.
  • Small pack size.
  • Integrated packing sleeve.
  • Protective PVC backing.
  • Fabric1: 100% polyester fleece.


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