Outdoor Revolution Flex 2 Tent 2018

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The Flex 2 is a simple, lightweight ‘twin skin’ tent; easily stored in the boot of the car, it is ideal for spontaneous nights away.

Product Description

Outdoor Revolution Flex 2 Tent 2018

The Flex 2 is a simple, lightweight ‘twin skin’ tent; easily stored in the boot of the car, it is ideal for spontaneous nights away. The inner utilises a luxurious microfiber polyester, and Outdoor Revolution’s ‘Dura-Tech’ single inflation point air-frame.

The outer shell is crafted from a reflective 100-Denier polyester, providing great water repellent treatment and neat packing away. The ‘Flex 2’ can accommodate up to two average adults, but is also an ideal partner for the independent adventurer. The bright green outer shell, highlighted with a ‘pop’ of orange, gives the Flex a very technical look, to the incredibly simple design. The survival tent provides additional shelter from the elements and the freedom to explore.

‘Dura-Tech’ welded tube technology that enables the creation of the innovative single inflation point systems without any troublesome taps and connectors, increasing the usability and practicality of Outdoor Revolution products. This technology provides the most efficient, simple and reliable technology on the market today and carries our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee*.

The outer shell of the ‘Flex 2’ is made from our 100 High-Density fabric, designed to deliver Outdoor Revolution’s lightest products; this super lightweight material allows incredibly small pack sizes, when folded, where weight and space limitations are essential.  Ideal for impromptu nights away or back packing.

An assisted-healing “Phoenix Mesh” ‘smart’ material that has the structurally incorporated ability to repair any snag damage caused by usage over time. We have taken the inspiration from biological systems, which have the ability to heal after being injured. By gently manipulating and moving the mesh around the damaged area; the mesh will return to its original form.


  • 100-Denier Reflective Polyester – High Visibility, Super Lightweight Material for Technical Aesthetic, Packing Down & Ease of Portability.
  • Dura Tech. Single Inflation Point Tube – ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’ Inflates Simultaneously for Speedy and Easy Erection.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – On the ‘Oxygen Air-Frame’.
  • Dynamic Speed Valves – The Quickest, Easiest & Most Reliable Inflation Valve on the Market.
  • Intelligent Frame Relief Valve Protection System – Our Patented Pressure Relief Valve to Prevent Over-Inflation, Expelling Any Excess Air Above 6PSI.
  • Two Berth Cool-Grey Micro-Polyester Inner Tent – A Luxuriously Breathable Clip-In Sleeping Area for Up to 2 Adults.
  • Twin-Skinned Fabric – For Durability & Longevity.
  • Complete with Lumi-Lite & Up/Downlighter Attachment Points, Steel Ground Pegs, Dual-Action Hand Pump & Reflective Guylines.


  • Width: 150cm
  • Depth: 330cm
  • Height: 120cm
  • Weight: 4.15kg
  • Pack Size: 55cm x 22cm x 22cm


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