Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6 Snug Rug 350 x 265cm

Our Price: £90.00


Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6 Snug Rug 350 x 265cm

The Snugrug is a luxurious optional extra which functions as a carpet alternative. This incredibly comfortable carpet is lightweight and durable, plus includes a Handy Carry Bag for improved portability and packing of the product. The carpet has water-repellent properties, which means it can quite easily be used outside.

 It is thermal-backed as a form of insulation, to prevent the cold and damp from rising through and to consistently maintain a pleasantly warm temperature. The product is also trimmed and branded in order to give it a more stylish and contemporary finish.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Trimmed and Branded
  • Thermal Backed
  • Can be used Outside
  • Handy Carrying Bag


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