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Hiking Gear – what to bring?

We’re thoroughly spoiled in the UK with so many places to hike around and explore – from hilly trails to coastal paths, there is an abundance of opportunities to lose yourself in nature and explore your surroundings.

Before you set off, you should think about what kind of a trek you’re planning – think about the time you’ll be out for, the distance you want to cover, the elevation of the trek and the weather conditions. This will help you decide what you need to take.

Wherever you’re trekking, the gear that you take shouldn’t slow you down and here we’re going to run through the equipment you’ll need.

For a half-day or full-day hike you will need:

For a multi-day trek you’ll also need:

This might seem like a long list of supplies, but the key is to pack light and be prepared!

Whether you are going for a short hike or a longer, more-exposed trek, avoid going alone and share your itinerary with at least one person – taking these precautions could turn out to be very important in unexpected circumstances.

And please remember to consider the environment – take a small bag with you for your litter (and any litter you find) and take it home with you.

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