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Get your tent ready for summer

Get your tent ready for summer

With the arrival of May and another bank holiday on the way, now is a great time to check your camping gear to get your tent ready for summer holidays which will be here very soon!

Make sure you check for:

Damaged poles – fibreglass poles can split under the strain and the elastic can snap.  If you find some that need replacing, then pop over to see us.  We have a range of sizes in store or you can leave your poles and we will do the repairs.

Punctures in air tubes – the Air tubes or beams in your inflatable tent or awning are incredibly durable but of course, damage and punctures can happen.

It’s a good idea to have spares just in case anything goes wrong. A repair kit like this one from Kampa or this one from Dometic include tape and solution to patch holes in inflatable tents, awnings, beds, self inflating mattresses, boats, paddling pools, and toys. So, a handy bit of kit to have with you.

Punctures are rare in air tents but you should be mindful of any particular sharp objects when you’re pitching up. Ensure you’re on a level surface and clear away rocks and any other objects.

Holes in the fabric – if you find any small holes, then you can use patches to repair them.  Make sure the area is clean and dry and a handy tip is to place a flat surface behind the tent before applying the patch to prevent wrinkles in the material. 

Leaking fabric – over time your tent might begin to “wet out” (when the rain stops beading on the fabric and you get damp patches).

Nikwax Tent and Gear Solarwash is the ideal way to take care of your tent and other technical gear. High-performance waterproofing and UV blocking for all weatherproof gear. It adds a durable water repellency, increases the strength of fabric and protects it against UV rays too. It can be applied to wet or dry synthetic products to dramatically increase fabric life.

Fabsil Universal Protector is a paint-on liquid replicates the original water-repellent finish found on all kinds of outdoor gear and equipment – guaranteeing to keep you dry even the wettest weather. Not only this, it also adds UV protection which means your tent really is protected come rain or shine.

Kampa Awning and Tent Protector offers innovative top-class protection to repel water, oils and stains. When the protector penetrates the fibres, it becomes water and dirt resistant – water will bead off. Suitable for restoring the durable water-repellent finish (DWR) on breathable fabrics, maintaining their breathable qualities. A built-in UV filter helps fabrics stay like new for longer.

Take a look at our full range or cleaning and waterproofing products here.

Leaking seams – tent proofer won’t sort out a leaky seam though, for this you’ll need seam sealer. Apply to the inside of the tent to stick the tape back to the seam.  Always make sure the seam sealer is fully dry before using the tent – this may take a day or two.

The Kampa Seam Sealer is designed to seal seams on synthetic and natural fabric. It is ideal for use on tents, awnings, waterproof clothing etc. It is colourless, flexible and washable.

You’re all set!

Now you’ve got your tent or awning in tip-top shape you’ll need equipment and supplies, so enjoy looking around our well-stocked camping shop where you’ll find everything you need for a fantastic holiday.

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