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Easter camping with the family

Easter camping is great fun and it’s actually pretty easy to make sure the kids enjoy a memorable experience too. 

Easter is a great time for camping but it can be tricky to hide chocolate in the tent or van. As we’re often lucky with the weather over Easter, it can also be hard to store chocky treats without them melting!

But there’s lots of other ways to make it fun for the kids…


Make a small hole at the top and base of an egg using a sharp knife. Blow the egg yolk out through the bottom hole and then gently rinse the shell. You can use the yolk and white for a delicious campfire omelette or scrambled egg breakfast!

Once dry, decorate with sharpies, paints, stickers, etc. Of course, you’ll need to plan ahead and take a few art supplies – always handy when camping with the kids.


First off, whatever you do, don’t leave food lying around the camp site. You could wake up to find the wildlife have tucked in, or everyone else’s kids have already found them.

A great idea is to fill a few empty plastic eggs with dares and activities or pop a jigsaw piece in each which they then need to complete to earn their goodies.

A night time egg hunt is great fun too. Use glow sticks to identify hiding places.


When our kids were smaller, we used to take some basic craft materials in our kit. Things like scissors, sticky tape, glue, toilet rolls, pieces of felt and some feathers.

Encourage the children to draw an Easter picture, make a cardboard roll bunny, felt puppets.

How about decorating a hat for an Easter parade around the campsite?


If the children are worried that the Easter Bunny won’t know where they are if you’re camping at Easter, get them to write a note to leave at home telling him where you’ll be.

In camp, once they’re asleep make a large footprint stencil and sprinkle flour on the ground over it to prove that he called by.


Bunny hop races and egg and spoon races, perfect Easter fun!

Just be sure that the adults get a turn too – it’s not fair that the kids have all the fun!

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