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Choosing a camping bed

A camping bed is a must if you’re camping in a tent – if you’re lucky enough to have a caravan, trailer tent, campervan or motorhome then the chances are you’ve got a pretty comfortable sleeping area. But if you’re camping in a tent then you’re likely to need something to settle down on after dark

So, what are your choices when it comes to choosing a camping bed?

Camp Beds

The classic camp bed is for you if you like to be higher off the ground and on a sturdy base.

We stock a range of camp beds from Coleman, Kampa, Outwell and Vango. Quick and easy to set up, these camp beds save you from struggling to get up from the floor in the mornings. You can combine your camp bed with a self-inflating mat, either 3 or 5cm, to add an extra level of comfort to your night’s sleep. Most beds now come with corner elastic to keep such mats in place during the night.

We offer a selection of single and double camp beds.

Sleeping Mats

The ideal camping mat for any solo camper, the Robens ZigZag Slumber Pro Mat is a high-quality foam mat that provides comfort and insulation. This mat has a foil finish to reflect back your body heat whilst the closed-cell foam provides comfort from the hard ground.

Self-Inflating Mattresses

You can upgrade your sleeping setup with a Self-Inflating Mat which will add a level of comfort and warmth you won’t find with a standard airbed.

These are available in a range of different thicknesses depending on your needs, starting from the lightweight backpacking 3cm thick up to 10cm/12cm thick for more of a glamping experience.

The self-inflating part of the mat comes from a sheet of foam inside which the air has been ‘rolled’ out of to give a compact size. All you need to do is unroll the mat, open the valve and let the air be ‘sucked’ back in – it’s that simple.

We offer a range of single and double SIMs from Kampa, Outdoor Revolution, Outwell, Vango and Zempire.


An airbed or inflatable mattress can offer a very comfortable night’s sleep.

If you already have a tent, then you should check the size of the sleeping compartment before you choose your airbed.

The quick and simple solution for your camping sleeping needs and airbed is the classic sleeping equipment you think of when camping. We offer a range of airbeds at varying prices and sizes including single airbeds for festivals, larger double airbeds and everything in between.

Our range includes Coleman, Kampa, Outwell and Vango and they have all improved the designs of their products over the years including beds with built-in pillows and built-in pumps to keep them inflated overnight.

Airbed Pumps

An important accessory to go with your airbed is the pump.

We have a selection of manual or electric pumps depending on your setup at the campsite. These pumps are designed to inflate large inflatables, but they don’t have the required pressure to inflate your airbeam tents or awnings.

For help and advice on choosing the right camping bed for you and your family, speak to one of our experienced team who will be happy to help you make your choice.

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