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Campsite cooking recipes and tips

Campsite cooking can be an afterthought when you’re on a holiday or you might think it’s just too much of an effort to cook under canvas and head for the local chippy.

But there are few things more satisfying than cooking a hearty, healthy meal for the family to enjoy using an outdoor camping stove or barbecue. With just a little organisation and planning, you can eat like a king and avoid overpriced and often not-so-tasty take aways.

Let’s get cooking…

A camp stove is an essential. Bring a coffee pot, two lightweight pans – one for liquids the other for frying – and bring the lids too. We stock plates and mugs that are perfect for camping. 

Remember to pack cutlery, a small chopping board, a sharp knife, a spatula and a large spoon

Don’t forget matches or a lighter, and a plastic bag for rubbish. Pack everything in a plastic container, throw in a few tea towels and some cleaning equipment and you’re all set.

Keeping cool…

You’ll need a cool box to store your frozen and refrigerated items, try to open it as little as possible. 

Another top tip is to freeze a few things in advance: a pint of milk or orange juice for example. As it gradually defrosts it will help to keep your other food items cold. 

Plan your meals…

Plan your meals efficiently and only bring what you need. Reusable silicone bags and Tupperware containers of pre-measured and prepped ingredients will make your life a lot easier.

A couple of weekends ago we had a visit from Jo Dunbavin from the Two Tarts Cookery School. She gave some live demos of meals that are perfect for camping (or cooking up in the garden at home). 

Jo gave us some fantastic campsite cooking ideas so follow the links below for downloadable recipe cards with ingredients and instructions for each meal:
• Camping Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya
• Camping Chicken Noodle Pots
• Camping Crispy Pork with Coriander Rice
• Camping Lamb Kofta Kebabs
• Camping Sweet Potato Dahl
• Camping Summer Fruit Fool with Crunchy Oats

So, if you are trying to find food your kids will eat while camping and caravanning, planning a solo backpacking or festival trip or just looking for ideas to cook and eat alfresco at home, we have everything you need to eat like a king (except of course, the ingredients!)

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