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Buying a Self-Inflating Mat for your Campervan

Getting a good night’s sleep when you’re away camping is really important and helps to make sure the rest of your holiday goes well. So why not upgrade your sleeping setup with a Self-Inflating Mat?

Self-inflating mats have become really popular over the last few years because they’re easy to use and durable. These mats also add a level of comfort and warmth you won’t find with a standard airbed. Available in a range of different thicknesses depending on your needs, starting from the lightweight backpacking 3cm thick up to 10cm/12cm thick for the more glamping campers.

So, what is a self-inflating mat?

The self-inflating part of the mat comes from a sheet of foam inside which the air has been ‘rolled’ out of to give a compact size. All you need to do is unroll the mat, open the valve and let the air be ‘sucked’ back in, it’s that simple. We offer a range of single and double SIMs from Outdoor Revolution, Vango, Outwell and Kampa.

Will one fit in the back of my campervan?

Lots of smaller campervans such as VWT4s and T5s use rock –‘n’ roll beds or have beds that are narrower than a standard double self-inflating mat. Vango and Outdoor Revolution have got around this issue and produced self-inflating mats specifically for campervans.

The Vango California Pop sleeping mat is created from 75 Denier, soft, brushed fabric and constructed from 5cm of insulating foam for a comfortable night’s sleep. It features a twist valve for easy inflation and deflation and a Fast Pack Carry Bag to make putting away your mat really easy.

The Vango California Rock and Roll self-inflating mat features 75D Peach Brushed fabric with soft, elastic fabric sides, ensuring a luxurious sleep. With its 3D construction and thick insulation foam for added warmth and comfort the California provides a real home-from-home sleeping experience.

From Outdoor Revolution, the Camp Star Top of the Pop self-inflating sleeping mat is designed to fit in the roof space of your van. Ideal for the Pop Top bed however because of the extra deep 7.5cm dimensions, it will need to be taken out and folded away when not in use. The mat is inflated through 2 simple and reliable brass inflation valves located in the bottom corners which screw tight to lock in the air overnight. Easy to use, compact and more comfortable than other specific Pop Top self-inflating mats on the market. Available in 100mm and 75mm widths.

The Outdoor Revolution Camp Star Rock and Roll self-inflating mat allows you to get a more comfortable night’s sleep in the van. It features a robust Peach polyester on both the fabric top and base making it reversible and can be used in Continental campervans. Constructed from a 10cm deep flat foam with horizontal drill holes making it lighter and more compressible in use. The mat is inflated through 2 patented one-way Cyclone Valves located at the bottom of the mat that effortlessly inflate and deflate the mat quickly and efficiently.

In this video, Roger shows you the Outdoor Revolution Camp Star Rock’n’Roll Self-Inflating mat:

If like us, the rock ‘n’ roll bed in your campervan is wider than 100mm, then take a look at the Outwell Dreamspell Double Airbed. This airbed has a deep profile 3D shape for a great night’s sleep. It also features the Outwell Flat High-Flow Valve and mattress-like home from home sleep comfort. Lightweight and compact pack size make it ideal for any camping trip.

Roger took a look at the Dreamspell Double Airbed and demonstrates how it fits brilliantly in our van:

Our experienced team can help you to choose the right self-inflating mat for your campervan. We have a great selection instore and we’re always happy to take time to discuss your requirements and show you around.

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