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Buying a driveway awning


Having that extra bit of space on your holiday is so important, but what if where you sleep is also how you get around? 

If you are lucky enough to own a campervan or motorhome, then there’s a fantastic solution!

Driveaway awnings are fantastic for adding extra space without taking away from your daily mobility.  

The drive away awning is a free-standing structure, just like a tent, that has a tunnel connecting your vehicle. This allows you to disconnect the awning from your van, drive away and come back to connect up your home away from home with ease after a day’s exploring.


A bit of extra space in your holiday home can be incredibly versatile: a dining room, a bedroom to sleep extra guests, a play area for rainy days, somewhere to store bikes and boots and numerous other uses. 

The extra space provided can be used however you wish. Some awnings have an option to add a sleeping annexe to offer you even more space.


When choosing your driveaway awning the golden rule is to make sure it is within the correct height range for your vehicle.

You will need to measure from the ground to the awning rail/top of your vehicle, this measurement will determine what size awning you will need. 

Here’s two examples of different height vehicles and the awnings attached to the side.

This is the Vango Rhone Low Driveaway Awning 2019 attached to a standard height Volkswagen Transporter T5 panel van. 

The second image is Cayman Air XL (Highline) Driveaway Awning 2019 attached to a motorhome. 

Our experienced team can help you find the perfect awning for your camper van or motorhome. We have an extensive selection of driveaway awnings on display at both of our stores in Devon and Wales and we’re always happy to take time to discuss your requirements and show you around.

Take a look at our full range of awnings and buy a driveaway awning for your van or motorhome – Great prices, with many available on 0% finance.

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