Telta Awning models are available for both caravans and motorhomes, with a number of unique feature.

Simplicity and functionality have been at the forefront of design whilst developing these new range of awnings. With this mindset, they have aimed to improve all basic features that are often overlooked, whilst also removing complex or unnecessary parts.

Most of their awnings share these same functional features, with the main difference between models being their size, shape or front-panel configuration.

A key feature is the adjustable height on the range of awnings. They features a set of zips that run the length of the awning away from the caravan that allows awning to be height adjusted from the outside. Which means with the zips closed it fits between 235cm and 250cm for the standard caravan size. Then with one zip open, 250cm to 265cm, or two zips open, 265cm to 280cm for the motorhomes with slightly higher connection heights.

Telta’s exclusive Teltex fabric is fully breathable, which helps to reduce the chance for condensation to occur unlike most standard touring awnings which are a non breathable polyester. This material is lighter weight than some other traditional breathable materials and it utilises waterproof threads that swell when it gets wet. It has been extensively tested against both water and wind to give you peace of mind when at the campsite.


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