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Autumn Camping

Autumn Camping

As we head into September, there’s no need to stop your camping adventures just yet.

Autumn camping can be just as fun, even if the weather is cooler and wetter (can it be any wetter than this summer?).

You just need to be like any good cub scout and be prepared.

To get the best from your autumn camping experience, you just need to think about a few more things. The weather is more unpredictable, it’s generally colder and more rain but if you have the right equipment, we think there are 3 P’s to be gained from a camping break later in the year.

  1. Price

The cost for a campsite pitch is usually cheaper after the summer peak so take advantage and save money!

  1. Peace & Quiet

Lots of people pack away their camping gear in September, meaning that locations are generally quieter. Great if you fancy a peaceful break!

  1. Picturesque!

You’ll be surprised how brilliant an autumn camping trip can be – in our opinion, it’s picturesque!

Be Prepared

Think about the location you intend to visit and what the weather forecast looks like as these will both influence what equipment you’ll need to take.

Make sure you stay comfortable and warm by making sure to take the right:

Sleeping bag – take a look at our guide to choosing the right one.

Self Inflating Mattress (SIM), air bed or camp bedhere you can find out about the differences.

Clothing – check out our range of coats, jackets, hats, gloves and socks. Extra layers are a must too!


As well as waterproof jackets, trousers and footwear, make sure your gear is waterproof too. You really don’t want to find out your tent has a leak when you’ve got the campsite and pitched it. Test it before you go and if you need to, reproof your tent or seal the seams to ensure it will keep rain out.

Also, remember it could be windy so check your guylines are in good condition and you have plenty of good tent pegs.

Food & Nutrition

Warm food and hot drinks are vital on an autumn camping trip so make sure you have a good portable stove, easy-to-cook food and a reliable flask.

Avoid condensation

If it’s cold outside, you may find that condensation builds up inside your tent. You might think your tent is leaking but in fact you just need to make sure you have adequate ventilation. Use the vents and open the doors when it’s dry outside to combat this.

Generally, the summer months are too busy for us to get away and September and October are our camping months of choice. Give it a go… we think you’ll love it!

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