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A visit to The Copper Pot Campsite

Copper Pot campsite

Nestled within the beautiful Tamar Valley, in the perfect location for exploring the wonders of both Devon and Cornwall you’ll find The Copper Pot Campsite.

We’re thrilled to have supplied this gem of a site with some superb canvas tents and we enjoyed chatting to the team there about life at The Copper Pot.

Copper Pot Campsite

Q: Can you tell us what’s special about your campsite?

A: I put a massive emphasis on wildlife and nature, I encourage all of it to try and create a wonderful natural balanced environment, where you can potentially see deer, foxes, badgers, owls, rodents, rabbits and many, many different species of wild birds. I’m also installing a high-powered telescope for astronomy evenings.

Q: In your opinion what’s the best thing about camping?

A: I personally love watching the stars and listening to the owls. But, at least on our campsite, it is a wonderful way to learn about the great outdoors.

Q: What tents have you bought from Devon Outdoors?

A: So far, I have bought three 5x4m canvas Touareg tents. They’re great, they’re warm, attractive, have loads of room and the guests love them.

Q: Any funny stories about the Campsite?

A: I have rules. One rule states that dogs MUST be on leads at all times. Last year some guests forgot that rule, they didn’t realise that their Yorkshire terrier had followed them to the toilet, and they didn’t take it out when they left the toilet.

The terrier jumped up onto the toilet seat and leapt down the long drop compost toilet…

Moral of the story: listen to and follow my rules.  (The dog was fine. The guests have not returned)

Copper Pot Campsite

If you’d like the sound of experiencing comfort, surrounded by natural adventure, staying in a beautifully furnished bell or Touareg tent tucked amongst the trees then take a look around The Copper Pot Campsite:

If you fancy a bell or Touareg tent of your own then check out our range of Quest tents here:

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